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Indonesia is the eighth-biggest carbon emitter with extended climate risks. With its resources, Indonesia is uniquely positioned to drive sustainable solutions and decarbonization.

New Energy Nexus is the world’s leading ecosystem of funds and accelerators supporting diverse clean energy entrepreneurs. In Indonesia, New Energy Nexus works to support the development of ecosystems that can support the needs of not only innovators, startups, and entrepreneurs, but also other stakeholders in the clean energy and climate solutions sectors.

Our Solutions

Climate Leadership and Capacity Building
Inspire new generations of clean energy and climate tech innovators, startups, and entrepreneurs. 

Provide innovative early-stage funding for promising startups through commercial and non-commercial funding.

Knowledge and Policy
Create awareness and shape the emerging clean energy and climate tech ecosystem.

Energy Equity
Cultivate and support female talents in clean energy and climate sectors, and climate tech innovators, startups, and entrepreneurs in developing scalable solutions to increase productive use of energy in under and less-developed areas.

Sector Focus

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