[RE]Energize Hackathon

In the last few years, we have witnessed and learned how economic growth and sustainability are closely linked to the changing climate. For Indonesia, this means seeing the opportunity in fulfilling our clean energy commitment, while continuing to support local development and economic recovery.

Now, more than ever, stakeholders in the space put high expectations on climate innovators, startups, and entrepreneurs to design and develop climate-resilient and future-proof ideas and business opportunities. 

Putting youth innovation and entrepreneurship at the core of our value, we seek to leverage the vast potential of our local ecosystem to hone emerging ideas into concrete solutions.

Today, climate innovators, startups, and entrepreneurs are creating momentum and leading the way to combat the climate crisis. 

The [RE]Energize 2023 Hackathon is a platform to support the adoption of clean energy, climate-friendly innovations, and creative disrupting ideas and solutions towards an abundant world with a 100% clean energy economy for 100% of the population. 

Total Prizes Of Up To IDR 100 Million
Connect with experts and mentors who can help you thrive
Cultivate your idea and innovation further with our acceleration and incubation Smart Energy Program

Climate Tech & Digitalization

The era of digitalization has created more potential in the accessibility and sustainability of energy systems globally – With one common thread, a culture of innovation to keep up with the demand. Digital transformation has the ability to improve productivity in many clean energy and climate sectors as we transition to cleaner alternatives. 

The [RE]ENERGIZE Hackathon 2023 will put a spotlight on how climate innovators, startups, and entrepreneurs can contribute to sustainable economic development, energy transition, and decarbonization in Indonesia through Climate Tech & Digitalization.

We are welcoming ideas in Software-Enabled Solutions focusing on, but not limited to:

  • Carbon Offset Platform
  • Building Energy Management
  • Climate Fintech
  • Climate Smart Agriculture & Aqua/Marine-tech
  • Data Monitoring & Analytics
  • Smart Grid & Off Grid Software
  • Storage and Mobility

Important Dates & Main Agenda

  • 9 March – 28 May: registration & outreach activities
  • June-July: Preliminary Bootcamp
  • August: Top 10 selected teams’ mentoring session
  • September: [RE]Energize: Hackathon 2023 Demo Day & Investment Speed

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