GeoLabX Develops Eco-Friendly Unmanned Boat

Working in offshore construction in East Kalimantan inspires Maulana Aria Pratama, CEO & Founder of GeoLabX, to develop an Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) called Neptune. The main reason Aria made the USV he called Neptune was worker safety. As a USV, Neptune is an automated vehicle that works as a substitute for human labor facing risky water conditions and predatory animals whenever a project requires an offshore check.


As a practitioner and academician, Aria started his innovation by conducting a literature study and re-examining his findings by performing market validation for several practitioners and offshore workers.

Neptune USV technology enables its users to have manual or autopilot control of the vehicle. The users can mention desired coordinates with a wifi connection or 4G signal. The USV made by GeolabX carries the concept of green energy for the generator used, namely a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 20,000 Watts/hour. One Neptune USV engine with a length of 1.2 meters uses four batteries, allowing the USV to operate for about ±16 hours with a load of about 20kg.

Neptune can support bathymetry surveys, topography mapping, cleaning up water areas, taking water samples, and marine research with minimal emissions and is more environmentally friendly.

GeolabX continuously develops vehicle capacity, capability, range, and usability. As one of the pioneers of USV in Indonesia, GeolabX envisions supporting construction companies, offshore and humanitarian organizations conducting Search and Rescue (SAR).

GeolabX is part of the New Energy Nexus Smart Energy Program portfolio. Through the Smart Energy Program, GeolabX received mentorship on business model validation, communication & marketing strategies, networking sessions, and impact measurement.





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