How the power of community is driving Bali’s women climate entrepreneurs

In the lush landscapes of Bali, a group of determined women entrepreneurs are empowering each other in their quest to mitigate climate change. The Bali Women Climate Entrepreneur Project is part of the Bali Climate and Green Development Initiative by WRI, IESR and New Energy Nexus Indonesia. 

Financing instruments and empowerment

This monthly group learning session organized by New Energy Nexus Indonesia for Bali’s women entrepreneurs took on a special significance. This time, we welcomed Hyacynthia Kesuma, an investment mentor from ANGIN, who shared her knowledge and experience on various financing instruments available for startups as well as welcoming two of our startup Mentors in Residence,  Lintang Walandouw, Business Development at ACWA Power, and Megawati Sutjipto, Chief Financial Officer at Swap Energi, to actively engaged and supported their mentees.

The enthusiasm among the participants was palpable, as they eagerly sought more information. The session fostered a sense of empowerment and camaraderie among the participants, as they opened up about their struggles and celebrated their achievements during their time in the program. It was evident that a supportive and collaborative community had been formed, and the hope was to maintain this spirit.

Renaldo Sutjiady, co-lead of the Bali Women Climate Entrepreneur Project addresses his concern about taking affirmative action and support toward inclusivity and equity in the clean energy and climate tech sector: “As a male ally, it’s crucial to recognize the unique challenges women entrepreneurs face in the male-dominated climate tech sector. Mentorship is not limited by gender. By being a supportive male ally to women entrepreneurs in climate tech, we can bridge the gap and foster an environment of collaboration, innovation, and shared success”.

Startups making a difference


The first stop on our inspiring journey was Gumitri, a trailblazer promoting sustainable agricultural practices among rice farmers. With a mission to uplift livelihoods and combat climate change, Gumitri’s efforts are centered on the cultivation of organic rice. We immersed ourselves in their farm, engaging in conversations with local farmers and delighting in a taste of their organic rice-derived snacks. As Gumitri explores diverse business models and community engagement options, they forge ahead, demonstrating the power of sustainable agriculture to transform lives and preserve the environment.


Next, we went to Bendega, a visionary enterprise spearheading a boat rental service called Dermaga. Setting sail from Simbar Segara, we embarked on a journey to explore the majestic mangroves, an essential ingredient for Bendega’s product, “Stik Mangrove” – a unique snack made from lindur fruit. Collaborating with eight fishing communities and recently partnering with Azura, Bendega is developing a new business model. Not only does it cater to fisherfolks seeking boat rentals for their daily drive, but it also taps into the thriving tourism industry, looking forward to tapping on the promising market growth and more opportunities.



At Chickbecik, the business aimed at providing chicken egg warmers using briquettes made from coconut husks. Chickbecik has decided to participate in our upcoming hackathon, taking its first steps toward a revised business idea that aligns with its sustainability mission.






GoSustainable is committed to promoting a sustainable food supply chain in Bali’s restaurants and underwent a transformation. What began as an idea to initiate a movement has evolved into a digital app product. Determined to make an impact, GoSustainable continues to refine its concept, planning to showcase its progress at this year’s hackathon. Their journey is a testament to the nature of entrepreneurship and the resilience required to adapt and thrive.



Biorock Indonesia

On our recent site visit and 1-on-1 session with Biorock Indonesia, we were delighted to discover diverse shapes of coral reefs restored by the Biorock Indonesia community. Biorock engages with local communities and the government to protect and restore coral reefs so these underwater ecosystems can thrive, therefore providing livelihood and economic benefits for local communities.  Biorock Indonesia is taking its first steps to reinvent its business operations. 



Tri Hita Consulting

Tri Hita Consulting is working to develop a digital Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) tool. This tool aims to streamline and simplify the implementation of ESG practices for bigger corporations, enabling them to make a positive impact on the environment and society with ease. To ensure the effectiveness and relevance of their product, Tri Hita is currently engaged in market validation activities. 




Azura Indonesia

Azura Indonesia is currently focused on developing a new product that is projected to cater specifically to the tourism sector. With the assistance of Ibu Lintang, as the Mentor in Residence Azura is exploring and developing the business plan and financial projection.




Griya Luhu

Our final destination took us to Griya Luhu, an organization dedicated to empowering low to middle-income communities in rural Bali to tackle the persistent waste management crisis. As we arrived at their collecting site, piles of low-quality waste greeted our eyes. Griya Luhu currently faces the challenge of finding off-takers for this waste, hindering their progress. Undeterred, the organization continues to strive for change, transforming waste collection into a community effort.



The Bali Women Climate Entrepreneur Project has not only provided a platform for learning and empowerment but has also fueled a spirit of innovation and sustainability among its program participants. Through business mentorship, financing insights, site visits, and exploration of new business models, these remarkable women are pioneering solutions to pressing environmental challenges. As their journeys unfold, their commitment to building a more sustainable future serves as an inspiration for the wider entrepreneurial community. 

About Bali Women Climate Entrepreneur Project 

The Bali Women Climate Entrepreneur Project is part of the Bali Climate and Green Development Initiative by WRI, IESR, and New Energy Nexus Indonesia. The Bali Climate and Green Development Initiative is supported by the Climate Works Foundation.

About New Energy Nexus Indonesia

New Energy Nexus is the world’s leading ecosystem of funds and accelerators supporting diverse clean energy entrepreneurs. In Indonesia, New Energy Nexus works to support the development of ecosystems that can support the needs of not only innovators, startups, and entrepreneurs, but also other stakeholders in the clean energy and climate solutions sectors.


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