Jakarta, 3 June 2022 – As the highlight of the [RE]Spark 2022 organized by New Energy Nexus (NEX) Indonesia with the support of the IKEA Foundation, New Energy Nexus is holding its third hackathon through [RE]Spark Renewable Energy Festival. The Hackathon aims to open opportunities for startups/innovators in the renewable energy sector and facilitates participants to find solutions and overcome key challenges in Energy Access, Decarbonization, Smart Mobility, Climate Fintech, & Energy Efficiency sectors. 

From January-May 2022, 82 teams (innovators and startups) submitted their innovations and proposals. Forty-seven teams were selected to go through bootcamps and a series of selection processes. In April 2022, ten startups/teams were chosen to go to the final round of the hackathon, which is [RE]Spark Demo Day (3/06).

A team of judges assessed the ten teams:

  • Elrika Hamdi – Energy Finance Analyst at the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis
  • Stanley Ng –  Program Director of New Energy Nexus Southeast Asia
  • Dr. Peggy Hariwan – Lead Country Analysis and Coordinator for Indonesia at the International Energy Agency, 
  • Dorman Purba –  Energy Consultant at the World Bank.

The Program Director of New Energy Nexus Southeast Asia, Stanley Ng, the judge for the Hackathon, said that the team presenting today had great potential. Their ideas and prototypes can become real businesses with hard work and support. New Energy Nexus organizes this program to support startups to do successful businesses. We believe that the success of the startups is our success.

One of the scoring criteria is whether the team has a clear problem statement and its solutions. The second is how the team presents their idea and interacts with the audience and the judges. Then, the judges also consider the team’s product-market fit, competitors on the market, its unique selling point, and the business model. 

Based on these criteria, the judges selected three winning teams and one favorite team that received a total prize of Rp. 100 million, as follows:

1st Place – Berkela, get a reward of IDR 50 million

They are creating an online platform for individuals to measure their energy usage resulting in energy efficiency recommendations that users can implement daily. Berkela is here to provide solutions, make energy use more efficient, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase productivity, and create a healthy business climate between energy efficiency service providers and consumers.

2nd Place – WAUS Energy, get a prize of IDR 30 million

WAUS Energy provides the innovation in processing plastic waste and cooking oil waste to be biosynthetic fuels for cooking. The intended market target is MSMEs in the culinary sector, with the received benefits of reducing their cost to cook.

Third Place – Kuantech, get a prize of IDR 15 million

Kuantech brings the innovation on their Hybrid Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) and Desalination that produce clean water from both desalination and condensation processes. This innovation is fundamental in providing clean energy access to Indonesia’s coastline and small islands.

“As a developing country, Indonesia still faces many challenges, such as access to clean water, unequal education access, and energy problems. We are delighted that New Energy Nexus provides a platform for startups to collaborate and share ideas to solve energy problems. We would like to thank all the Nexus team members for allowing us to share our ideas. We will continue implementing our ideas next year.

New Energy Nexus Indonesia Program Director, Diyanto Imam, congratulated the winners and appreciated all teams participating in the 2022 Hackathon who had submitted their ideas. “We hope this event can inspire other innovators to contribute to Indonesia’s renewable energy ecosystem for Zero Net Emissions in Indonesia,” said Diyanto.

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