New Energy Nexus Indonesia Announces 10 Women-Led Startups Joining the Bali Women Climate Entrepreneur Project

Denpasar, 11 February 2023 – New Energy Nexus Indonesia officially announces 10 startups joining the Bali Women Climate Entrepreneur Project. Through the startup acceleration and incubation program, the Bali Women Climate Entrepreneur Project provides 4 months of tailored business support for women climate entrepreneurs in Bali to accelerate their development. With this program, NEX Indonesia aims to close the gender gap and increase women’s participation in the clean energy and climate solutions sectors thus improving women’s response and adaptation to climate change.

The Bali Women Climate Entrepreneur Project is supported by the ClimateWorks Foundation and is part of the Bali Climate and Development Initiative (initiated by New Energy Nexus Indonesia, WRI Indonesia, and IESR). The project runs in collaboration with Bumi Pratisara Foundation. 

More and more, women are paving the way to become leaders in their communities. From early ideas to later-stage startups, these are the project’s portfolio:

  • Griya Luhu: aims to change people’s behavior and awareness of sustainable waste management using user-friendly, and straightforward mobile applications to improve waste segregation at home.
  • Biorock Indonesia: engages with local communities and the government to protect and restore coral reefs so these underwater ecosystems can thrive, thus providing livelihood and economic benefits for local communities. 
  • PT. Kolaborasi Bumi Pertiwi: aims to replace coal with “imitation” coal that contains more heat calories than real coal.
  • GO EV: offers a digital platform to rent electric vehicles in Bali at affordable prices.  
  • Go Sustainable: aims to increase public awareness of environmental impacts from food production by encouraging restaurants to add one climatarian menu (ingredients used must be plant-based, locally sourced, unprocessed, minimally packaged, and organic).
  • Bendega: aims to empower coastal communities and fishers with knowledge, facilitation, training, and support with IT tools to adopt green-blue habits. 
  • Tri Hita Consulting: encourages and supports their clients in creating an impact through sustainable business practices, deployment of green technology, policies to promote the energy transition, and sustainable investment in emerging markets of Southeast Asia.
  • aims to herald a new era of green investments with an intuitive and easy-to-use app that lets you perform all green investment transactions on the go. 
  • Gumitri: acts as an intermediary between organic rice farmers and the market to support organic farming practices and food security in local villages.
  • Azura Indonesia: delivers a solution for the coastal community with their MantaOne electric long-tail boat engine – offsetting 345kg of carbon footprint per month.

“Bali is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia. Considering its potential and emerging opportunities in climate sectors, such as sustainable tourism, we need to make sure that female talents in the sectors are able to fully participate in the shift toward sustainable tourism in Bali,” Said Diyanto Imam, New Energy Nexus Indonesia Program Director. 

“There are undeniably still many challenges women have to face in the climate space, but we hope that these 10 incredible startups with females in leadership positions will inspire the next generation of women to begin their journey toward making a difference,” added Rainy Putri, New Energy Nexus Indonesia Program Manager and the Co-Leader of the project. 

In 2018, Indonesian women make up only 12% of all STEM graduates. In the global energy industry, only 11% of energy startup founders are women – these statistics need to change. NEX Indonesia, as a pioneering clean energy and climate innovation ecosystem builder, is breaking the status quo. The Bali Women Climate Entrepreneurs project is only the beginning of our efforts to disrupt the rooted beliefs that the clean energy and tech sectors are the ‘boys club’.

“We believe that in order to thrive, a good business needs to be impactful.  Seeing that environmental damage gets worst, specifically in Bali, we aim to empower coastal communities and fishers with knowledge, facilitation, training, and support with IT tools to adopt green-blue habits. As the only female leader among my colleagues, I truly believe that an inclusive environment, as well as being surrounded by supportive male allies can significantly improve our business and create a greater impact for the community,” said Nungky Adzani, CMO of Bendega.

About New Energy Nexus Indonesia
New Energy Nexus is the world’s leading ecosystem of funds and accelerators supporting diverse clean energy entrepreneurs, from emerging tech through to clean energy deployment and adoption. In Indonesia, New Energy Nexus works to support the development of ecosystems that can support the needs of innovators, startups, entrepreneurs, and other stakeholders in the clean energy and climate solutions sectors.

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