New Energy Nexus Indonesia on the lookout for the latest E-Mobility Innovation through Second Hackathon: SUPER CHARGE E-Mobility Ecosystem in Indonesia

Jakarta (15/04) – New Energy Nexus Indonesia proudly launches its second Hackathon [RE]energize Indonesia 2021, designed to attract electric mobility (e-mobility)  innovations to help us adapt to our new future. Supported by Indonesia’s Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, the National Battery Research Institute and PT. Surya Utama Nuansa, this online hackathon is open to individuals and teams with interest in developing smart and renewable energy-based e-mobility and its ecosystem for Indonesia.

“Solicitation for online applications starts today, 15 April 2021. The most important requirement is a one-pager concept note that demonstrates their proposed solution, innovation or idea can address a problem relevant to one of our challenge areas, which are electric mobility and its ecosystem such as battery or charging facilities. We will be assisted by 5 prominent judges from a variety of backgrounds, including from our global network, who will determine each applicant’s eligibility to be invited for the Demo Day,” explained Aditya Mulya, New Energy Nexus Indonesia Program Manager. Ten shortlisted teams for the Demo Day will gain access to 6 experts to help them refine their innovations and solutions.

New Energy Nexus had previously held their first hackathon in 2020, adopting the theme of Public Health and Sanitation in our pursuit to adapt to our new normal due to the pandemic with the help of renewable energy innovations. They also held hackathons across the world such as LGchem in South Korea in collaboration with LG, Hyundai, and Kia, and Smart Energy Hackathon in Bangkok, to name a few.


Smart Energy Hackathon Bangkok 2017


[RE]energize Indonesia hackathon also marks New Energy Nexus Indonesia third year in their pursuit of helping to develop a conducive as well as an inclusive ecosystem for smart and renewable start-ups through funds, accelerators and networks in Indonesia, having held more than 7 incubation as well as accelerator cohorts, and successfully assisted more than 40 renewable energy startups in Indonesia, as part of their cohorts, in developing and refining their business strategies and innovations.

Diyanto Imam, New Energy Nexus Indonesia Program Director, expressed that he’s looking forward to develop valuable partnerships and collaborate with the startup communities in order to support the growth of the e-mobility sector in Indonesia, “E-mobility does not stop at the manufacturing of electric vehicles, but also the whole ecosystem crucial to its maintenance, such as charging stations, battery and storage, retrofitting, and business model innovations, there are still a lot to unpack,” he continued.


Hackathon 2020 winner


Winners of the hackathon will bag a total of Rp. 100 million cash prize, and gain access to New Energy Nexus Indonesia’s Smart Energy Incubation and Acceleration Program, that is designed to support smart and renewable energy start-ups in Indonesia to scale. Through [RE]energize Indonesia 2021: SUPER CHARGE E-Mobility Ecosystem in Indonesia, New Energy Nexus Indonesia seeks to identify and support solutions that are not only meaningfully address greenhouse gas emissions, but also create high-quality jobs and economic opportunities for millions of people in Indonesia.



About New Energy Nexus

New Energy Nexus is an international organization that supports diverse smart and renewable energy entrepreneurs with funds, accelerators, and networks. We started in California in 2004 and now operate programs in New York, China, India, Southeast Asia, and East Africa.

About [RE]Energize Indonesia Hackathon

[RE]Energize Indonesia Hackathon is an ideation competition (offline or online) initiated by New Energy Nexus Indonesia since 2020. This hackathon adopts unique theme each year to capture new ideas and prospective team with the potential to grow and enrich the renewable energy sector in Indonesia

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