Knowledge and Policy

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Policy and Advocacy Activities

One of the main gaps in supporting clean energy technology startups is the government policies. New Energy Nexus Indonesia is working on a series of policy advocacy activities aimed to promote clean energy technology entrepreneurship in Indonesia.

New Energy Nexus Indonesia in collaboration with the Bulb Foundation work in policy and advocacy activities with pentahelix stakeholders (national and sub-national government, civil society, incubators, academics, and investors), carrying the awareness of clean energy and climate startups, and recommending evidence-based policy to the policymakers.

Green Districts & Community Project

Ensuring the availability of support for clean energy and climate tech innovators, startups, and entrepreneurs throughout Indonesia will enable an effective and rapid response to Indonesia’s growing climate change threats.

In collaboration with Milkywire, New Energy Nexus supports the development of a more inclusive ecosystem that allows clean energy entrepreneurs to accelerate the decoupling of Indonesia’s economy from a natural resource-based economy into a sustainable and zero-carbon-based economy.

Impact Investment

Deep Dive Research and Analysis

New Energy Nexus Indonesia in collaboration with INTRA by Angin develops a report and analysis on Investor’s Motivation for Clean Energy and Impact Investment in Indonesia. The report was developed based on desk research and interviews with a selected investors to tackle the primary questions on whether investors want to invest in Indonesia’s clean energy sector, what motivates them, and promising areas to look into.