Two Female Leaders Share Their Startup Journey at the BloombergNEF Summit

Women are playing a crucial part in tackling climate change around the world. In this 2022 G20 Presidency, Indonesia is calling for energy transition – yet, more needs to be done.

Bali, 12 November 2022, two female entrepreneurs, part of New Energy Nexus (NEX) Indonesia’s startups portfolio, were invited to the BloombergNEF summit 2022 to share their journeys. The two entrepreneurs, Nadea from Azura Indonesia and Indira from Griya Luhu, shared the stage with two female leaders in the industry, Leslie Dang from Nautilus Labs and Neneng Goenadi from Grab Indonesia.

At the BNEF Summit, Nadea shares her motivation and drive to develop innovative solutions to tackle climate change. “The initiative to start Azura Indonesia came from my hobby of scuba diving. The first person I  will meet is fishermen. After many discussions with the fishermen, I found out that they can only reach 5 KM from the shoreline with a conventional engine and spend at least USD 90 just for fuel, which is more than 50% of their income.” said Nadea. 

One fisherman can emit around 345 kg of carbon footprint, and currently, in Indonesia, we have approximately 2 million fishermen. When we multiply the emission, the numbers are astounding. As an ocean lover, Nadea wants to preserve the beauty of the ocean by developing MantaOne, an electric propulsion engine that can reduce up to 345kg of carbon footprint per month. At the end of the session, Nadea also expressed her appreciation to the NEX Indonesia Bali Women Climate Entrepreneurs Project, “NEX supported Azura Indonesia to elevate Manta One project’s credibility and connect me, as the founder of this project, to various stakeholders.” 

Indira shares her journey with Griya Luhu, “the explosion happening in landfills, causing much harm both physically and in materials, Griya Luhu proposed a solution to raise awareness on the importance of waste management, preventing waste from going into landfills. With all the team residing in Bali, Griya Luhu’s team realizes the importance of involving local communities in tackling these problems.” said Indira. The waste bank system already existed amongst the local communities in Bali. However, the weak data management caused inefficiency and even inactivity of the waste bank. Griya Luhu developed an app to streamline the data collection process and introducing a more organized data management system. By doing this, Griya Luhu also increased the housewife’s income by IDR 200.000 – 500.000 and has worked with over 700 waste banks across 5 islands in Indonesia. 

Indira expressed her gratitude that she can represent Girya Luhu at the BNEF Summit. “NEX supports women’s empowerment through their ongoing accelerator program. Not only boosting startups, but NEX also provides a fantastic opportunity for Griya Luhu to become one of the speakers at the BNEF Summit Bali. New Energy Nexus was also involved during our preparation and gave me some insightful advice to present my story. This is an amazing experience promoting, empowering, and improving the role of female leaders in this sector. “

NEX Indonesia, supported by ClimateWorks Foundation, is proud to support the climate ecosystem for female entrepreneurs in Bali through Bali Women Climate Entrepreneurs Project. Through this initiative, NEX Indonesia provides advisory and capacity-building support to female entrepreneurs in Bali in accelerating their innovation and ideas to tackle climate change.

Through the Bali Women Climate Entrepreneurs project, NEX Indonesia aims to support and nurture Bali’s female-led ventures and female entrepreneurs in the energy and climate sectors.

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