The global shift toward clean energy is urgent, particularly with the escalating impacts of climate change. Indonesia’s commitment to achieving Net Zero Emissions by 2060 faces challenges if regional energy transition development is overlooked. Young people are pivotal in driving this transition, with a rising environmental consciousness evident, as 82% of Gen-Z and millennials are aware of the climate crisis according to the Indonesian Political Indicator survey. Despite this, many young people still need to be connected to local climate policy initiatives, particularly those focusing on sustainable energy transition.

Collaborating with the Society of Renewable Energy University Indonesia, New Energy Nexus Indonesia is organizing the NEX STEP XChange event consisting of two activities, Policy Case Competition and Policy Workshop. The aim is to raise awareness among young people about local energy policies, especially in DK Jakarta.

Policy Case Competition is exclusively for young people enrolled in universities based in Jakarta, Depok, Bekasi, and Tangerang. Join us to experience a thought-provoking and thrilling opportunity to address Jakarta’s energy transition policy initiative and get the chance to win a total prize of 14 million Indonesian Rupiah!

We are also welcoming young people (18-30 years old) to join us at our Policy Workshop,  coming in June.


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